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Land, property, resources theft & destruction / Ethnic cleansing / Apartheid

Israel threatens 384 Jerusalemite figures with exile
OCCUPIED JERUSALEM (PIC) 18 Aug -- Palestinian lawmakers and activists in the occupied city of Jerusalem revealed Israeli intents to exile 384 Jerusalemite figures at the pretext of their activities against the occupation in the holy city. The Israeli intelligence summoned lately those figures at different times and threatened them with expulsion from Jerusalem next September if they did not change their positions and stop their political activities against the occupation. Foreign diplomats and human rights activists in the holy city affirmed that the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) prepared a list of 384 noted names from Jerusalem.

One man's stand against an Israeli settlement / Matthew Kalman
Independent 18 Aug -- Matthew Kalman reports from Jerusalem on a Palestinian farmer's extraordinary story -- Said Ayid was born under the British Mandate, grew up in Jordan, raised his eight children under Israeli occupation and now lives on the edge of a sprawling new Israeli neighbourhood under the token protection of the Palestinian Authority. But throughout those 73 years he has not moved an inch. Two weeks ago, the Israeli government announced the addition of 930 new units in Har Homa, the new neighbourhood built in the past decade on the adjacent hillside south of Jerusalem, occupied by Israel in the Six Day War of 1967. That number might have been higher, but Mr Ayid's tiny farm is the next parcel in line and he refuses to sell.

Occupy, colonize, exploit: the economic uses of the separation barrier
Occ. Pal. 19 Aug -- In the occupied territories people are divided into two groups -- masters and natives. The masters in the settlements have a certain law, Israeli, and they are subject to Israeli courts -- outside of Israel. They are an enclave floating over the occupied West Bank. So what happens when the Palestinian natives work for the masters in the settlements? Ostensibly, Israeli labor laws -- such as they are -- should apply to them: they must pay the minimum wage and respect some rights. But the employing masters in the settlements don’t want that: a native is a native, and his price -- the price of a native. 90 NIS (=$25) a day, 120 NIS ($34) a day: that’s how much is paid for hard work in the Solor gas industries factory. And the natives work. They work with hazardous materials – they work with bromide but without gas masks; in the paint department they work without ventilation and with deafening noise -- and they pay for this with serious damage to their health. All this has been documented by our friends in “Kav L’Oved” who have been accompanying the worker’s struggles for their rights here and in other settlements in the West Bank for years. On October 19, 2010, the workers went on strike.

Eilat and Gaza attacks

Coordinated attacks in south kill 8
[good summary of events so far and more -- an Israeli point of view of course] Haaretz 19 Aug 00:50 -- Eight Israelis were killed and 30 more wounded during a well-planned terror attack along the Israeli-Egyptian border Thursday. The attack was planned in the Gaza Strip by the Popular Resistance Committees and perpetrated by terrorists who crossed from Gaza into Sinai via smuggling tunnels. They then traveled some 200 kilometers to reach an area of the border protected only by a tattered wire fence, about 15 kilometers north of Eilat. Israeli forces killed five of the terrorists, and Egyptian soldiers reportedly killed two more. But the Israel Defense Forces estimates that 15 to 20 participated in the attack, meaning most escaped. IDF officials believe the goal of the attack was to kidnap a soldier. The IDF had previously responded to warnings of a planned attack, beefing up its forces in the area.

Hamas denies responsibility for attack near Eilat
GAZA (PIC) 18 Aug 18:55 -- Hamas denied responsibility for the attack on two Israeli buses, carrying soldiers, near Eilat on Thursday morning that left seven killed and 20 others wounded. The movement said in a statement that it was not her policy to use lands of other countries to launch attacks on Israeli targets. Israel said that the attackers came from Gaza via the Egyptian territory. Hamas, however, said that it would be at the forefront of defenders of Gaza in the event Israel ventured to attack it as threatened by its war minister Ehud Barak.

Egypt closes Rafah crossing
GAZA CITY (Ma‘an) 18 Aug 18:58 -- The interior ministry in the Gaza Strip said Thursday that Egyptian authorities have closed the Rafah crossing amid a sharp increase in violence in Gaza and southern Israel. [End]

Army bombards Rafah killing six Palestinians; child killed in Gaza City
IMEMC 18 Aug 20:51 -- Palestinian medical sources in the Gaza Strip reported on Thursday evening that six Palestinians, including a senior resistance leader, and a child, were killed when the Israeli Air Force fired missiles into a home in Rafah, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. A child was also killed and five residents were injured when the army bombarded Gaza City. The sources stated that the Israeli Air Force fired a missile at the house of one of the leaders of the Popular Resistance Committees in Al Sho’outh neighborhood in Rafah, killing six Palestinians.  Three of them are leaders of the Popular Resistance committees, while one of the three was identified as Awad An-Nairab, the Secretary-General of the Committees. Adham Abu Salmiyya, spokesperson of the Emergency and Medical Services in Gaza, reported that the bodies of four of the slain residents were severely mutilated due to the blast, and that one of them is a 2-year-old child. Besides An-Nairab, the slain residents were identified as Imad Hammad, leader of the Salah Ed-Deen Brigades, Khaled Shaath, and his son Malak, 2 years old, Imad Nassr, and Khaled Al Masry. In another Israeli military escalation, a 13-year-old child was killed, and 18 other civilians were injured when the army bombarded several areas in northern Gaza and in Gaza City. The child was identified as Mahmoud Abu Samra. [Photo of Mahmoud in school] Children and women were among the wounded; they were all moved to the Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza.

Video of Gazans carrying victims to ambulances amid fire and wreckage from bombing 18 Aug

Initial photos of the bombing in Gaza tonight
uploaded about 5am 19 Aug -- Muaz Khaled -- These photos of the Israeli bombing of civilian homes in the Gaza Strip -- 1 child was killed more than 15 injured

Victims of Israeli strike on Gaza - in pictures
[WARNING: graphic!]  Uruknet 18 Aug -- Six Palestinians were killed and two injured on Thursday in an Israeli airstrike, targeting a house in Al- Shauth, a neighborhood in Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, according to witnesses. Medical sources said that six Palestinians arrived to Abu Yousef al-Najjar hospital dead; bodies of four of them were torn into pieces.

Egypt: Israeli rocket kills 3 policemen
EILAT, Israel (AFP) 19 Aug 03:52 -- Three Egyptian policemen have been killed after an Israeli plane fired a rocket near the border at militants it was tracking following earlier attacks, security officials said Thursday. Egypt's official MENA news agency quoted a military official as saying that two policemen were killed when the Israeli aircraft opened fire near the Rafah border town with the Palestinian Gaza Strip. Security officials said the incident took place south of Rafah, along the border with Israel. They identified the Israeli aircraft as an Apache gunship that had been tracking the militants who attacked two buses, a civilian car and a military jeep in the coastal city of Eilat hours earlier.

Israeli airstrikes kill 7 across Gaza
GAZA CITY (Ma‘an) 19 Aug 05:08 -- Renewed airstrikes across the Gaza Strip late Thursday killed a Palestinian teenager and injured more than a dozen others amid an escalation in violence that left some 20 people dead throughout the day.  Just after midnight Friday, Israeli warplanes launched a series of raids targeting Gaza City, the northern towns of Beit Hanoun and Beit Lahiya, and Khan Younis in the south ... A Palestinian was also missing in the Rafah tunnel area, medics said. Elsewhere, Apache helicopters fired at least two missiles toward a Palestinian military site in the town of Beit Lahiya and a missile near Khan Younis landed in an open area and caused no injuries or damage. A Ma‘an correspondent described a "state of panic" across Gaza as Israel renewed bombings just hours after an airstrike killed six Palestinians in Rafah, near Egypt's border.

Israel knew attack coming up, expected kidnapping attempt
IMEMC 19 Aug 07:46 -- An initial investigation carried out by the Israeli army on the armed attack that targeting a bus loaded with Israeli soldiers, close to the border with Egypt, in the Israeli coastal city of Eilat, revealed that information regarding an attack was available before it took place, but pointed out a possible kidnapping attempt, not a shooting. Seven Palestinians, including children, and seven Egyptian officers were killed by Israeli bombardment.

One Israeli seriously hurt as Gaza rocket hits Ashdod
JERUSALEM (AFP) 19 Aug 09:35 -- Two Israelis were injured, one seriously, when a Grad rocket fired by militants in Gaza slammed into the coastal town of Ashdod in southern Israel early on Friday, police said. "One person was seriously wounded in the attack, and another person was lightly hurt," police spokeswoman Luba Samri told AFP, saying two rockets had hit the town. The second caused no damage or injuries, she said. The Israeli military confirmed the strike saying a school and a synagogue had been damaged in the attack. "Two rockets fired at the city of Ashdod caused damage and injuries at a synagogue and school," a statement said. The latest firings raised to 12 the total number of rockets fired from Gaza into southern Israel since midnight, the military said.

Who is the Palestinian group blamed for the attacks?
Reuters 19 Aug 07:45 -- The PRC is an umbrella group that draws together former armed activists of different factions. It was formed in the Gaza Strip in 2000 at start of a Palestinian uprising for statehood. It counted numerous former security men from the Palestinian Authority's various security agencies among its ranks, including many disaffected members of Fatah, which has since renounced violence against Israel. It operates independently from the Islamist rulers of Gaza, Hamas.

Legendary anti-terror sniper killed
Ynet 18 Aug -- Most veteran sniper in police’s elite anti-terror unit killed in Thursday’s terror offensive in south; Pascal Avrahami, 49-year-old father of three who moved to Israel from France in 1977, hit by terrorist fire near border,7340,L-4110959,00.html

Egypt military crackdown nets Sinai 'Islamist militants'
CAIRO (AFP) 18 Aug -- An Egyptian security chief said on Thursday a military operation in Sinai against militants uncovered a bomb-making factory and netted 20 wanted men, including Palestinians and radical Islamists ... An Israeli army commander said Thursday that four of the men behind the attacks in Israel were killed by Israeli and Egyptian fire in Egypt's territory, but the Egyptians have denied the attack was staged from Sinai.

Israeli social justice campaigners cancel weekend protests after attacks in south
Reuters 18 Aug -- Israel's student union on Thursday called off planned weekend demonstrations against the high cost of living after a series of terror attacks in the south left seven people dead. "There were meant to be protests throughout the country, with a central rally in Jerusalem, and we decided given the events to cancel them," union head Itzik Shmueli told Army Radio following the attacks near Israel's border with Egypt.

Why Israel ought not to attack Gaza / Yossi Gurvitz
972mag 18 Aug -- A terrorist attack in Israel has claimed seven victims. Barak plans a large-scale attack on Gaza. We shouldn’t do it -- Seven Israelis were killed earlier today in a terror attack in the south of Israel, near Eilat. As these words are written, IAF fighters are circling in the skies of Gaza, and reports just came in of an airstrike in Rafah that claimed three lives. We still don’t know who is responsible for the attack, but Defense Minister Ehud Barak has already found the guilty parties, the residents of the Gaza Strip. Borrowing the language of the settler pogromchiks, he actually promised a 'price tag' operation (Hebrew). In Gaza, people are already huddling in shelters, and following the tweets from there, you can feel the despair, the terror, the feeling of 'not again'. We are all familiar with this circle: Attack, terrorist attack, attack, terrorist attack, attack, major terrorist attack, major operation, terrorist attack, attack and so on and so forth. Maybe we should, for once, break the circle? Here are a few reasons why:

Other Gaza

Rights group: Hamas ban on study abroad students 'illegal'
BETHLEHEM (Ma‘an) 18 Aug -- The Palestinian Center for Human Rights denounced Wednesday the decision by Hamas to ban Gaza scholarship students from studying in the United States ... "This Decision means also that a number of our best students will be deprived of benefiting from scholarships to study abroad while we are in a dire need to communicate with the outside world, break the isolation and blockade imposed on our people and develop our capacities," PCHR added.

JTA and the IDF: Making men out of boys in Gaza / Yousef Munayyer
18 Aug -- Before the attacks in Eilat refocused the mainstream media's attention on the Gaza Strip (negatively of course) Gaza continued to face the regular violence inherent in siege and occupation. One incident occurring this week involved a Palestinian who was shot 10 times in the chest and head in by Israeli soldiers for entering an Israeli declared 'buffer zone' ... After an investigation, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights in Gaza found the following: ... In short, Israeli soldiers shot a defenseless 17 year old mentally disabled refugee boy. If anyone was paying attention, this highlights the cruel nature of occupation and siege. The JTA had a, well, slightly different take (emphasis mine): ...The man, 22, approached the border on Tuesday night between Israel and Gaza where, according to the Israel Defense Forces, terrorists often plant bombs or attack Israeli patrols ... JTA referenced the IDF, added 5 years to the boy's age, made no mention of the absurd number of times he was shot and instead used language to insinuate he was likely a threat to armed soldiers on the other side of a border. Were any Palestinian sources checked with? Does it even matter? Boys made into men. Victims made into perpetrators. Truth is the first casualty. Another day in Gaza.

Israeli forces

PCHR weekly report on Israeli human rights violations in the occupied Palestinian territory 11-17 August
18 Aug -- IOF killed two Palestinians, including a mentally disabled child in the Gaza Strip.
4 Palestinians, including a child, were wounded by IOF in the Gaza Strip. A Palestinian child was injured by the explosion of a suspicious object in the West Bank.  Israeli warplanes bombarded a number of targets in the Gaza Strip. IOF continued to attack Palestinian fishermen and fishing boats in the Gaza Strip. A Palestinian fisherman was wounded in the northern Gaza Strip. IOF continued to use force against peaceful protests in the West Bank. Dozens of demonstrators suffered from tear gas inhalation. IOF conducted 27 incursions into Palestinian communities in the West Bank. IOF arrested 10 Palestinian civilians.


Detainees ministry: Israel targeting relatives of prisoners
GAZA CITY (Ma‘an) 18 Aug -- Israeli authorities are targeting the families of Palestinian detainees in order to deter them from visiting, the Ministry of Detainees in Gaza said Wednesday. In recent months there has been an increase in procedures such as searching female relatives, confiscating goods brought to detainees, verbal insults and destroying visit permits, detainees ministry spokesman Riyad Al-Ashqar told Ma‘an. The wife of one detainee was also detained on suspicion of smuggling mobile phones into the prison. Suha Abu Munshar was transferred to trial on Thursday, Al-Ashqar said.

Shin Bet accused of exceeding its authority in Mer-Khamis murder / Amira Hass
Haaretz 18 Aug -- Lawyers: Murder not classified as security crime, therefore Shin Bet has, by law, no authority to investigate ... The Shin Bet began investigating almost four months after the murder, once it became clear that the Palestinian Authority was making no progress. Though Mer-Khamis worked in Jenin and the murder took place there, he was an Israeli citizen ... Relatives and friends of Mer-Khamis said they are pleased that efforts are being made to find the murderer, but deplore the methods being used by the Shin Bet, which violate the suspects' rights. For instance, Saadi and Naghnaghiye have been barred from meeting their lawyers ever since they were arrested two weeks ago. Ben-Natan said such draconian measures are rarely taken in ordinary criminal investigations

Israel arrests Hamas leader in West Bank
NABLUS (PIC) 18 Aug -- Israel occupation forces arrested Wednesday Hamas leader Awadullah Ishtyeh, 44, at a random checkpoint between the West Bank cities of Qalqilya and Nablus. An Israeli army patrol stopped Ishtyeh’s car at a checkpoint near Kedumim settlement as he was returning from one of his in-laws’ houses in Qalqilya to break fast, Ishtyeh’s family told our correspondent in Nablus,

PA security arrests 10 Hamas supporters in West Bank
NABLUS (PIC) 18 Aug -- Some ten of Hamas’s supporters in the West Bank have been arrested in the past few days as the Palestinian Authority security forces continue to breach the unity deal signed by parties governing the mending Palestinian territories. On Sunday, PA intelligence in Nablus governorate arrested three men in Aqraba and one in Awarta after they refused to respond to inconvenient summonses. Another man who served time in Israeli custody was also nabbed in Tulkarem. In Ramallah governorate, the security agencies arrested the son of Palestinian legislator Mahmoud Musleh as well as one other man. In addition, two men were nabbed in Al-Khalil just a week after they were released from Israeli custody. The arrests also targeted local reporters. Reporter and director of a local television network Ahmed Mohammed al-Halayka, 25, was released on Wednesday after he was arrested and one of the channel’s crews were banned from filming a day earlier.

Hamas slams claims of Fatah's inability to release political prisoners
GAZA (PIC) 18 Aug -- The Hamas Movement deplored Amin Maqboul, the secretary-general of Fatah's revolutionary council, for his remarks about his movement's inability release the political prisoners from Hamas as "unacceptable and surprising." Maqboul had stated that Fatah faction, which signed a reconciliation agreement with Hamas a few months ago, was not able to release Hamas cadres from West Bank jails as it was agreed upon between the two sides in Cairo, claiming that this issue is up to Mahmoud Abbas and his security apparatuses.

Islamic Jihad: Gaza govt seized operative
GAZA CITY (Ma‘an) 18 Aug -- The military wing of Islamic Jihad said on Thursday that one of its members had been detained by Gaza's internal security forces. The Al-Quds Brigades demanded the Hamas-led government in the Gaza Strip release their affiliate

Bethlehem mother dies without seeing jailed son
RAMALLAH (Ma‘an) 18 Aug – The mother of a Palestinian detainee died Wednesday without seeing her son, who is jailed in Israel. Amjad Taqatqa's son Amjad from the Beit Fajjar village near Bethlehem is serving six life terms in an Israeli detention center. [End]

Shalit deal stalled
PNN 18 Aug -- An Egyptian official involved in negotiations between Israel and Hamas, has declared that a thrd round of talks has ended with no conclusions found. Speaking to al-Hayat, the official stated that both sides were too insistent on their demands and had a refusal to make compromises. Thus the talks stalled and broke down and a new date for renewal of talks was not set.


Video: Racism rampant within Israeli society / Antony Loewenstein
19 Aug -- anti-Arab sentiment in Israel


Aid efforts begin for Palestinians pushed from Syria refugee camp/ Ali Abunimah
EI blog 18 Aug -- Aid efforts have begun for some of the thousands of Palestinians forced to flee from a refugee camp in the Syrian coastal city of Latakia earlier this week.On Monday, UNRWA, the UN agency for Palestine refugees, reported that about half of the 10,000 residents had left the camp and that several had been killed. Today, UNRWA Spokesman Chris Gunness confirmed that some of the displaced had now been located and aid efforts are under way, but the whereabouts of thousands more were still known. Gunness said: UNRWA has mobilized a small team from staff living in Latakia, has established a temporary office outside the camp, and started to provide assistance to approximately 400 displaced families (roughly 2000 individuals), but it expects these numbers to increase in the next day or two. The Syrian authorities are cooperating

Political / Diplomatic / International

Gaza factional fighting scars taint reconciliation efforts
GAZA CITY (AFP) 18 Aug -- Palestinian Musa Abu Jarrad shrugs off any notion of reconciling with the Hamas group he blames for the death of his son, a Fatah member, in 2007 factional fighting in Gaza ... Abu Jarrad lost his son Bahaa, 36, in fighting that erupted between members of the rival political groups a year after Hamas won a surprise electoral victory. His anger and wish for revenge is shared by many grieving families, even as Hamas and Fatah seek to implement a unity deal.

Shaath: Netanyahu wants to kill Palestinian UN bid by military escalations
RAMALLAH (WAFA) 18 Aug -- Fatah Commissioner of International Relations Nabil Shaath, said on Thursday that the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants to abort the Palestinians’ efforts to gain UN recognition and export Israel’s internal crisis, by the military escalations.

Palestine to chair next Arab League session
CAIRO (WAFA) 18 Aug – Palestine will chair the next Arab League session, scheduled for September 13 and 14 and which will meet at the level of foreign ministers, said an Arab League statement Thursday.

Nine Security Council members support Palestine's UN bid, says Abbas
BEIRUT (WAFA) 18 Aug -- President Mahmoud Abbas Thursday said Palestine was able to get the support of nine out of 15 United Nations Security Council members for the Palestinian move to get UN recognition in September. Abbas told reporters before leaving Lebanon that he rejected an offer to get an observer status similar to the Vatican at the UN, saying "we want to obtain full membership."

Bosnian Serbs oppose Palestinian UN bid
BETHLEHEM (Ma‘an) 18 Aug -- Bosnian Serb representatives announced Wednesday that they oppose Sarajevo’s decision to support the PA in seeking UN recognition for a Palestinian state. President Mahmoud Abbas visited Bosnia last week to seek its support in recognizing a Palestinian state at the UN in September ... Bosnia is one of 10 non-permanent current members of the Security Council. The tripartite presidency of Bosnia controls the country's foreign policy and any decision relating to the UN needs the approval of the three parties of Bosnia which are Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian. The Bosnian and Croatian members have announced their support for a Palestinian state.

Turkey 'plans diplomatic assault' after Israel refuses apology
TEL AVIV, Israel (Ma‘an) 18 Aug -- Turkey plans to launch a diplomatic and legal assault on Israel after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu refused to apologize for the 2010 raid on the Gaza aid flotilla, Israeli media said. Israel's Haaretz newspaper says Turkey now intends to implement "Plan B", which will include a campaign in UN institutions, with an emphasis on the International Court of Justice. Turkey also plans to encourage the families of the nine victims to file suits against senior Israeli figures in European courts and reduce the level of ties with Israel, according to the report citing foreign ministry sources.

Other news

Video: Palestinian workers strike
AIC 18 Aug -- 35 Palestinian workers in the Salit quarry in Mishor Adumim in the West Bank are on strike since June 16, 2011, demanding a collective bargaining agreement. The workers are organized by the Maan workers organized by the Workers Advice Center (WAC-MAAN). If signed, this will be the first collective agreement between Palestinian workers and an Israeli employer.
For further information contact Shadi Fadda

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