Today in Palestine! ~ Headlines ~

Land, property, resources theft & destruction / Ethnic cleansing / Deportation / Restriction of Movement

Hebron road renamed "Apartheid Street"
HEBRON (Reuters) -- Palestinians changed the name of Hebron's Shuhada street to Apartheid Street on Wednesday, to protest the prevailing conditions in areas of the West Bank town which are controlled by Israeli troops. Aide to Hebron's Governor, Rafiq al-Jabari, said the name change would remain in effect until what he described as apartheid-like conditions had been eradicated in Hebron.

Israel Plans to Demolish School, Houses in Hebron Area
HEBRON, September 14, 2011 (WAFA) – The Israeli military authorities informed a number of Palestinians that it plans to demolish their houses and a local school in Arroub refugee camp, north of Hebron, Wednesday said security sources. They told WAFA that Israeli military raided Arroub camp Tuesday night and handed number of residents notices to demolish their houses and another notice to demolish Arroub camp school. Israeli soldiers, meanwhile, raided Hebron and nearby Dora, southwest of Hebron, erected two checkpoint and inspected vehicles and passengers personal documents, said the sources.

Israeli Military Carries Out Demolitions in Jordan Valley; Further Orders Presented in Hebron
The Israeli military has carried out demolitions and handed out five new demolition orders, on Thursday, Ma’an News reports.

Palestinian statehood: The olive tree of al-Walaja - video
Farmer Salah Abu Ali tells how his village has lost land and people since the foundation of the state of Israel in 1948

Wadi Fuqeen: Palestine’s Valley of Hope and Despair
The film Valley of Hope and Despair, by Joshka Wessels, Jakob Schiller and Lubna Sharief, illustrates how the Israeli occupation deprives Palestinians of their water resources and how illegal settlements continue to pour raw sewage into the many valleys of the occupied West Bank. Villages are being imprisoned by an eight-metre-high wall, causing severe environmental and human impact.

Israel prevents Palestinians from free movement (AP)
AP - Ahmad Ayyash once had a construction job in Israel, earning good money. Now he is a goat herder struggling to eke out a living, barred from working in Israel and restricted from entering his olive grove next to this West Bank village.

Jewish settlers attack Palestinian citizens, burn cars
Jewish settlers attacked Palestinian citizens and their cars in Nablus province before dawn Thursday and Wednesday morning wounding three civilians and burning four cars, local sources reported.

Settlers Attack Palestinians Near Nablus; Arson and Assaults Reported
Israeli settlers from Itamar, near Nablus, have carried out two attacks against Palestinians on Thursday.

Settler Rally Closes West Bank Road; Cars Pelted with Stones
The Ma’an News Agency are reporting that hundreds of settlers from the illegal settlement of Yitzhar, near Nablus held a rally, Monday night, leading to the closure of a West Bank road.

Settlers attempt to raid Jenin village, 2 Palestinians detained
JENIN (Ma'an) -- Dozens of settlers tried to raid the village of Arraba in Jenin overnight Wednesday, Palestinian security sources said. Israeli forces were stationed on the western side of the village to prevent dozens of settlers from the adjacent Mevo Dotan settlement from entering, Palestinian security sources told Ma'an.
Israeli forces - checkpoints, raids, arrests

Israeli bulldozers are expanding the Hawara military base and are apparently bracing for clashes as Palestinians plan on asking the United Nations for statehood status this month.

Siege on Gaza / Attacks on Gaza

IOF incursion in central Gaza damages land
Israeli occupation forces mounting three army tanks escorted military bulldozers and advanced 300 meters east of Breij refugee camp in central Gaza Strip on Tuesday, eyewitnesses said.

PCHR Condemns Israeli Escalation against Fishermen in the Gaza Strip
The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) condemns ongoing Israeli attacks targeting Palestinian fishermen in the Gaza Strip, and expresses grave concern regarding the escalation of these attacks in recent days.

Israeli navy detains five Palestinian fishermen at sea
Five Palestinian fishermen were detained at sea off the coast of the southern Gaza Strip city of Rafah at dawn Thursday at the hands of Israeli navy forces.
Egypt approves entry of World Food Programme aid to Gaza
EL-ARISH, Egypt (Ma’an) -- Egyptian authorities on Wednesday approved the entry of aid from the World Food Programme to Gaza, a PA crossing official said.  PA official Amr Hadhud told Ma'an that the WFP had donated 55 tons of biscuits to Gaza. The aid was unloaded at al-Oja crossing in Egypt and the goods will be allowed into the Gaza Strip via the Kerem Shalom crossing. 

EL-ARISH, Egypt (Ma’an) -- Egyptian authorities detained 19 Palestinians on Wednesday, security sources said. Five people were detained at the entrance to El-Arish, north Sinai. They were reportedly on route to Cairo, Egyptian security sources told Ma'an. Police also arrested 12 Palestinians 100 kilometers from the city of El-Arish. Four had expired visas. 
A woman and her seven children were among the group. A Palestinian man working for Hamas security forces in Gaza was also detained in El-Arish for having an expired visa, and security forces arrested another man who had entered Egypt via a Gaza tunnel, security forces said.

Four Jordanians Arrested In Sinai
Egyptian security sources reported Wednesday that four Jordanians were arrested in north Sinai for illegally entering the country, and illegally entering the Gaza Strip, the Maan News Agency reported.

Haneyya: We are still waiting for Egypt to break siege
Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haneyya said he is still waiting for a bold decision by Egypt to break the siege on the Gaza Strip and open up the Rafah border crossing.


The Israeli occupation authorities are planning on allowing the criminal population of the Israeli prisons to serve their sentences in their homes to make room for Palestinians..

IOF troops round up minors in Silwan, others in Nablus
Israeli occupation forces (IOF) arrested a 15-year-old boy in Silwan town in occupied Jerusalem on Thursday less than three months after his release from Israeli custody, local sources reported.
Local youth, Ameer Qaraeen, targeted again by Israeli forces
Israeli forces arrested local youth Ameer Qaraeen yesterday, Tuesday 13 September. Qaraeen, 15, was taken from Wadi Hilweh district of Silwan on the pretext of being absent at a scheduled court appearance. Qaraeen has been subject to an ongoing targeting by Israeli authorities, including a series of arrests, interrogations and house arrest sentences.

Exiled activist Adnan Ghiath returns to Silwan
Tuesday 13 September marked the final day of local activist Adnan Ghaith’s four-month sentenced exile from his home village of Silwan. Ghaith, secretary-general of Fatah in Jerusalem and local popular committee member, spent the four-month sentence in Ramallah, separated from his family. The sentence was imposed by the Israeli Ministry of Defence, who based the decision on information it refused to release to the public or Ghaith’s legal team. Yesterday saw Ghaith’s return to Silwan amidst a large crowd of friends, family and supporters. Residents gathered at the local protest tent for a series of celebrations and ceremonies to welcome him home. The celebrations were overshadowed by a heavy presence of Israeli forces and settler security squads, who spread throughout the streets from Bir Ayyub district, harassing residents without reason. Although clashes managed to be avoided, local youth Moayed Sulaiman Froukh was arrested by Israeli forces as he awaited the arrival of Ghaith.

The Israeli Authority calls for Adnan Ghaith after few hours of his return to Jerusalem
The Israeli security departments  called for  the secretary of Fateh Party in Silwan  Adnan Ghaith after few hours of his  return to Jerusalem  from his eight months deportation in  Ramallah This was due to Israeli Military decision adopting the emergency law which has been practiced since the British Mandate . According to Silwanic site phone call with Adnan he said “ they threatened me  of  being dragged by Israeli forces  if I don’t go to the Interrogation center  in Al Masqobeia tomorrow morning “ worth mentioning that Adnan Ghaith suffers severe pains and can’t move.

Multiple Arrests by Israeli Military Across the West Bank
Several Palestinian residents have been arrested in raids in numerous locations accross the West Bank on Thursday.

Hamas detainee in PA security prison taken to hospital
Nader Sawafta, a detainee in the prison of PA preventive security in Tobas, was carried to hospital at a late hour on Wednesday night after his condition worsened.

Israeli Regime Attacks on Palestinian Activists

Army Attacks Protest In Hebron, Injuries reported
Israeli soldiers attacked on Thursday a nonviolent protest in the Al Arroub refugee camp, in the southern West Bank city of Hebron, and injured several residents, including one child.


Ground rules went too far, free speech expert says at Irvine 11 trial
A UC Irvine professor overstepped his boundaries when he told students no disruptions were allowed during the Israeli ambassador's visit to campus last year, another professor testifies. A UC Irvine professor overstepped his boundaries when he told students that no disruptions were allowed during the Israeli ambassador's visit on campus last year, according to testimony given Wednesday in the so-called Irvine 11 trial in Santa Ana.
The IPO proudly celebrates its long-standing relationship with the Israeli military and proclaims the fact that plays special concerts for the army in the Occupied Palestinian Territories on its website. It describes itself as Israel's "cultural ambassador". The protest inside the hall started during the orchestra's first piece, when a choir, seated behind the stage, stood up and displayed letters that spelt out "Free Palestine". They then sang a version of "Ode to Joy" that started with the words "Israel, end your Occupation". Before the second piece began, and again after the interval, protesters waved Palestinian flags and shouted slogans. This is the first time that a political protest has halted the live broadcast of a BBC Prom.

TUC Votes For Palestine And Review Links With Organisations Complicit With Israel's Occupation
The Trades Union Congress, representing 6.5 million workers in the UK, voted overwhelmingly today (14 September 2011) to deplore the 'anti-democratic law' passed by the Israeli Knesset banning individuals and organisations in Israel from calling for the boycott of Israel.
Sep 14, 2011-- Together we will tear down the Apartheid Wall!
-Join the 9th-annual International Week against the Apartheid Wall: November 9-16, 2011
-Stand with the Palestinian popular resistance.
-Show Israel that no Walls can stop our pursuit of justice and self-determination.
-Pressure your governments, institutions, and corporations to stop their support of Israeli apartheid!
-Mobilize and organize events in your community:
-Awareness-raising campaigns on the Wall and settlements
-Awareness-raising campaigns on Israel's repression of Palestinian popular resistance
-Boycott and divestment campaigns against companies building the Wall
-Support the Palestinian call for a comprehensive and mandatory military embargo on Israel

Presbyterian Church committee recommends church divest from Caterpillar, HP and Motorola over Israeli human rights abuses
The Presbyterian Church (USA)'s Committee on Mission Responsibility Through Investment has recommended that the church divest from Caterpillar, Hewlett-Packard, and Motorola Solutions due to their relationship to Israeli human rights abuses in the occupied territories. This decision comes as the result of a corporate engagement process which began in 2004 and sought to influence corporate policy vis-a-vis the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 

Where to begin with this confused statement? The Executive Council of Australian Jewry, a key Zionist lobby group who rather loves defending the war crimes of Israel, release this today about BDS, Israel, Nazis, Palestine, Nazis, Jews, Nazis and you guessed it, Nazis. You can almost see feel the tension in the statement, essentially saying, “we aren’t saying you BDS backers are anti-Semitic but really you are actually anti-Semitic”. No mention of the occupation, of course. Nor why BDS is thriving globally. BDS isn’t about Jewish businesses because they’re Jewish, you dishonest Zionist lobby. It’s called targeting the unaccountable Zionist state,  an increasingly anti-democratic entity, and those associated with it.

Global 'boycott Israel' campaign grows
"Despite widespread condemnation of Israeli policies by the United Nations, other international bodies, human rights organisations and internationally respected lawyers Israel continues to deprive Palestinians of their rights of freedom, equality, and self-determination.
Israel’s ethnic cleansing, racial discrimination and aggressive expansion through colonisation are well documented.
As the global community has repAeatedly failed to hold Israel accountable for its actions, on July 9, 2005, a large section of Palestinian civil society called upon their counterparts and people of conscience the world over to launch a campaign of boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against the Israeli state until it adheres to international law and the universal principles of human rights."

“A world party and we are all invited”: #BDS by Omar Barghouti
Among the books we read, some go farther than others toward informing our thinking, opinions and actions in the world. These invariably become the books we read and refer to over and over again, the pages dog-eared, passages underlined, margins filled with notes.

Statehood Bid (TIP coverage of statehood bid should not be viewed as endorsement)

EU seeks limited upgrade of Palestinians' UN status
Ashton proposal includes specific mention of talks, does not rule out full UN membership for Palestinian state in future, say diplomats.

Move comes as leftist pro-Israel lobby recently announces its opposition to Palestinian UN bid. After J Street announced its opposition to the Palestinian statehood bid at the United Nations, the leaders of the leftist pro-Israel group recently launched a new campaign lobbying members of Congress to support a new Congressional letter urging President Barack Obama to ensure that the U.S. will not cut off aid to the Palestinian Authority.

Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, "Salvaging September: An ICAHD Statement regarding the Palestinian Statehood Initiative at the UN"
Now, just two or three weeks before the approach to the UN, a fierce debate has erupted within the Palestinian community around a number of key questions: Will the September initiative be based on the recognition of a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders? If so, then what does Abbas want to negotiate with Israel? Minor territorial adjustments or a return to the fruitless trap of negotiations of the past 20 years which render the 1967 borders irrelevant? Who, in the absence of elections to the PNC or a referendum, has authorized Abbas to pursue a two-state solution? Even if he does approach the UN in his capacity as the head of the PLO and with the backing of its Executive Committee, will the Palestinian Authority, on becoming the recognized Government of the State of Palestine, replace the PLO and thus disenfranchise half the Palestinian people? In particular, would the establishment of a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders compromise the refugees' right of return and the national rights of Palestinians within Israel? Does recognition of a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders foreclose forever the emergence of a single state in historic Palestine, be it democratic or bi-national, or will it permit further political efforts and evolution in that direction? Until these questions are answered, it would be difficult for ICAHD to support the September initiative.

BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- The Palestinian leadership will not discuss any last-minute proposals from the US or Europe until after the upcoming bid for full UN membership, senior Fatah official Mohammad Shtayyeh said Tuesday. Shtayyeh told Ma'an the Palestinian Authority expected the US and Europe to put forward a proposal to try and convince the Palestinians to stop their UN bid for statehood. 

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen is behind a bill that would cut U.S. funding for UN organizations who support recognition of Palestine as state.

WASHINGTON, Sept 13 (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Tuesday that the path to a two-state solution creating a Palestinian state beside Israel runs through Jerusalem and Ramallah, not through New York. Speaking at a news conference, Clinton repeated the U.S. view that the Palestinians should not seek full membership in the United Nations later this month and instead should resume direct talks with the Israelis. She said she is sending two U.S. envoys, David Hale and Dennis Ross, to Israel and the Palestinian territories to try to find a way to revive talks.

WASHINGTON (AFP) -- The United States has decided to fight to the bitter end to convince the Palestinians to abandon their bid for UN membership, despite the rather small chance that the battle will succeed. "We want to leave no stone unturned in our effort to get these parties back to the table," State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said Tuesday as two US envoys headed to the Middle East for talks with Israel and the Palestinians.

JERUSALEM (AFP) -- Hardline Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman warned Wednesday there will be "harsh and grave consequences" if the Palestinians persist with their plan to seek UN membership as a state. Speaking shortly before a scheduled meeting with EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, Lieberman did not elaborate on the possible consequences.

BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- The Elders group says it warmly welcomes Palestinian efforts to seek support for statehood by the UN and believes such a move is capable of changing the dynamics in the peace process. In a statement Tuesday, the group of world leaders said they wrote to the foreign ministers of the 27 member states of the EU urging them to adopt a strong common position on the initiative.  Such a move would be in line with European Council conclusions of December 2009 which called for a two-state solution with Israel and Palestine living site by side in peace, the Elders statement pointed out. 

State-building efforts could be undone by continued occupation, peace process stall, says Robert Seryy; IMF: Palestinian Authority may suffer blow from lack of donor money.

Amid Palestinian statehood push, a grim World Bank report on the West Bank, Gaza
The World Bank report underscores the extreme dependence of the Palestinian Authority on foreign aid. It is now facing a fiscal crisis due to unmet aid promises.

RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad said Wednesday that the PA is succeeding in reducing its dependency on foreign aid, the official news agency in Ramallah reported. In his weekly radio address, Fayyad said the PA is formulating measures to overcome the financial deficit by 2012. The process will not affect essential services, and measures should be approved within the next few weeks, he was quoted as saying by WAFA.

Hamas: “Abbas’ U.N Move, Uncalculated Leap”
Dr. Salah Bardaweel, one of the senior political leaders of the Hamas movement, warned of what he called “the dangers of the Palestinian-UN bid” asking the UN to recognize a Palestinian State in the 1967 border, adding that this move is an “uncalculated leap into the air”, and a “move that leads to recognizing the Zionist entity”.

Palestinian villagers sceptical about bid for UN statehood – in pictures
Perched between Jerusalem and Bethlehem, the village of al-Walaja has long found itself caught between the two sides of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and residents are sceptical that the bid for statehood at the UN will improve their lives.

Noam Chomsky: U.S. to Veto Palestinian Statehood Bid Despite "Overwhelming International Consensus"
President Obama publicly confirmed Monday that the United States will oppose any attempt by the Palestinians to achieve statehood at the United Nations, but Palestinians leaders are still vowing to move ahead with their bid for statehood this week. What will the ramifications of a U.S. veto be? For more, we speak with Massachusetts Institute of Technology Professor Emeritus Noam Chomsky. "If the Palestinians do bring the issue to the Security Council and the U.S. vetoes it, it will be just another indication of the real unwillingness to permit a settlement of this issue, in terms of what has been for a long time an overwhelming international consensus," Chomsky says. [includes rush transcript]

The west will not prevent a Palestinian state's eventual birth, Pankaj Mishra
Next week the Palestinian Authority, stepping away from years of a fruitless "peace process" with Israel, will ask the UN to recognise Palestine as an independent state. It is very likely to be obstructed in the security council by the US, Israel's long-suffering but faithful friend. There is no question, however, that an overwhelming majority in the general assembly will back the Palestinians. The birth of Israel had an anti-imperialist pedigree. And Palestine is the unfinished business of that process of self-determination.

Media Bias / Incitement

RAMALLAH, September 14, 2011(WAFA) - Palestine News and Information Agency (WAFA) Wednesday monitored incitement and racism against the Palestinians and Arabs published by the Israeli media between August 28 and September 9. Host of “the Last Word” show on Gale Tsahal Israeli radio station, Avery Gilad, who’s known for his racist opinions, called to withdraw Israeli citizenship from Arabs living in the Triangle, saying “we don’t have to ask Palestinians to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, because there will come a day when we’ll draw completely different borders that will change Israel into a Jewish state, as much as possible.”

At CJR, Max Blumenthal has published an incisive piece of reporting showing that Times Jerusalem bureau chief Ethan Bronner is represented by an Israeli speakers bureau called Lone Star Communications that has rightwing bonafides, and that Bronner has several times reported on Lone Star's clients. The Times issued a pro forma defense of Bronner, that it respects his professionalism and impartiality. Say, remember when the Times publicly rebuked contributor Daniel Ming for going to pro-Palestinian rallies when he was writing about Jewish Voice for Peace for the newspaper? Bronner had a son in the Israeli army, too. Does his enmeshment in Israeli society ever cross a line for the Times?
Israeli PR firm scrubs Bronner from website as investigative report appears, Adam Horowitz
Max Blumenthal's investigative report into Ethan Bronner's relationship with the Israeli PR firm Lone Star Communications references a photo of Bronner "arm-in-arm" with Charley Levine, the West Bank settler who founded the firm. When I went to the Lone Star website I couldn't find it. Blumenthal sent me the following screen shot and said this page appeared here as late as last week:

Turkey / Israel

Israel decides not to respond to Erdogan rhetoric
Having discussed Turkey crisis Turkey, eight-minister forum decides to let PM Erdogan 'to continue to lash out.' Meanwhile, Turkish leader meets PA's Mahmoud Abbas, representatives of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood.

The prime minister wants to calm the situation as much as possible but also to make preparations in case the situation deteriorates.

Turkish PM throws weight behind Arab cause
Reuters - Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan told Arab states on Tuesday it was time to raise the Palestinian flag at the United Nations and accused Israel of obstructing peace in the Middle East.

The real reason why Erdogan did not go ahead with Gaza visit
Egyptians amassed outside the Cairo Opera House on Tuesday calling on visiting Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to show support for the besieged Gaza Strip.

Almost all the factual findings, as well as the legal analysis and conclusions of the recently leaked UN Secretary General’s Panel of Inquiry into the “Flotilla Incident” on May 31, 2010 (Palmer/Uribe Panel) directly contradict those of an earlier UN report of the Human Rights Council Fact-Finding Mission (FFM, whose conclusion that Israel’s blockade of Gaza, including the naval blockade is illegal, was just reaffirmed on September 13, 2011 by five independent UN rights Special Rapporteurs. In line with all statements Secretary- General Ban Ki-moon has made about Gaza, the Goldstone report, and statements by other international agencies, including the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), these UN international law experts rejected the Palmer/Uribe conclusions and demanded that “[t]he Israeli blockade of Gaza must end immediately and the people of Gaza must be afforded protection in line with international law.”

Egypt / Israel

With six Israeli security guards fending off an angry mob rampaging through the mission, Leon Panetta, the US defence secretary, tried for two hours to get hold of Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, Egypt's de facto head of state, to demand an immediate rescue operation.  Aides told Mr Panetta that the general could not be found, Israeli officials were quoted as saying. The response prompted fury in Washington, and threats of US retribution. Field Marshal Tantawi's mysterious disappearance intensified speculation that Egypt's generals had deliberately failed to protect the embassy for political gain.

Israeli workers flee Egypt, Max Ajl
Israeli managers at the Delta Galil textile factory also fled Egypt in the midst of the recent citizen diplomacy against the Israeli embassy there. In fact they fled on the same plane as the diplomats. Under current trilateral trade regulations – the Free-Trade Zones Accord the United States, Israel, and Egypt signed in 2005 – Israeli companies (meaning Israeli-American companies) and Egyptian companies that purchase Israeli (meaning Israeli-American) goods get to enter US markets duty-free. The upshot is that the Egyptian working class becomes a half-in half-out part of the American working class, except they work for much lower wages, and their exploitation gets blamed on Israel and Israeli capitalists and capitalism (as though there are such things).
There are many attitudes and ideologies which divide the Egyptians; nationals, leftists, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Salafis, Muslims and Copts, moderate and extreme. However, the common uniting factor is an absolute hatred of Israel. This suggests a sense of nationalism and nobility, because Israel - with all of its crimes against Egypt, the Arabs and the Muslims   has not left them with any option other than hatred for being the main source of wrongdoing in the region.

Israel: using Egyptians as human shield, As'ad AbuKhalil
Think about it: the Israeli occupation embassy in Cairo deliberately chose to have its embassy (on three floors) in a residential apartment building.  It is very clear what they did.  The residents of the building were pressured by the government to accept the new "tenants" without complaint.  The Israeli occupiers basically wanted to keep the embassy in a residential building to hold the Egyptian residents as human shield in case someone considered bombing the Israeli occupation embassy.  The embassy, of course, should be closed for good but the least that people can ask, is that it should be relocated somewhere else, just in case someone thought about...protesting the embassy.  Egyptians should not be held as human shields by Israeli terrorists.  Not only are Israeli years numbered, but their best days are long behind it.

Other News

Report Of Palestinian State Free of Jews Was Misinterpretation, Official Says
A firestorm over remarks by a senior Palestinian diplomat about the future Palestinian state was the result of misquoting and misinterpretation, the diplomat told The Huffington Post Wednesday night.  Maen Rashid Areikat, the Palestine Liberation Organization's ambassador to the U.S., was described in a USA Today report early in the day as saying that the future Palestine should be free of Jews.

In a shocking statement, Maen Areikat, the “ambassador” of the unelected, unrepresentative Palestinian Authority/PLO leadership, has reportedly espoused Israel’s brutal vision of apartheid and racial segregation. Even worse, his comments provide support for Israeli leaders who advocate expulsion of Palestinian citizens of Israel.

Statement released on 18th anniversary of the signing of the accords, Islamist movement says Palestinians should 'build up a unified Palestinian front.'

A Republican victory in the special elections to replace disgraced Rep. Anthony Weiner has caused some to ponder whether or not American Jews are deserting Obama and the Democratic party over its Israeli policy.
Move comes as Yuli Ofer, Israel's richest man, is laid to rest; company was cleared of selling Iran a tanker for millions of dollars.

Lebanese security source says Israel Defense Forces soldiers seen installing surveillance camera near Fatima Gate, along Israel border in southern Lebanon.

Bahrain man dies after inhaling tear gas (AP)
AP - Relatives of a man in Bahrain say he has died after inhaling tear gas fired by security forces trying to disperse anti-government protesters in the Gulf kingdom.

Bloody Day For Iraq As 33 Are Killed
A series of bombings mostly in and around Baghdad left dozens dead or wounded. The most significant of the blasts occurred at a busy restaurant near Hilla. To the north, Iranian artillery attacks continued. One civilian was injured in them. Overall, at least 33 Iraqis were killed and 64 more were wounded in those attacks.

The United States is "very close" to sealing a deal to sell 18 F-16 fighter jets to Iraq, a top Pentagon official announced Wednesday. Iraq had frozen the $4.2 billion deal earlier this year amid the Arab Spring pro-democracy uprisings, but the prospects were "promising" for the contract to now move ahead, said General Russ Handy, head of the US air forces in Iraq.

Syrian protesters mark six months of revolt
Deaths and arrests reported as activists call for mass protests to mark six months since start of uprising.
Analysis / Op-ed

How do the ongoing protests in Tel Aviv relate to the larger regional turmoil? What do the protests say about the current state of Zionism, and what do they mean for the occupation of Palestine?

This post originally appeared on Notes from a Medinah. According to Benny Morris, Israel is under internal and external existential threats. From the inside, Israel is facing the growth of religious and nationalist settlers and ultra orthodox conservatism combined with an ever-increasing polarization in wealth distribution and a troublesome Arab minority that wants silly things like minority rights. Externally, Morris sees a region that is collapsing in on Israel. Resurgent political Islam in Turkey and Egypt has resulted in clear anti-Zionist rhetoric and the continued occupation of Palestine is threatening Israel’s democratic character. Israel is clearly facing a troubling time, but are these really the reasons for the Israeli malaise?

While many Americans may believe that US policies are designed to address American needs, America’s new Ambassador to Israel explains that this is far from the case.

Can you imagine if a US ambassador is caught paying tributes to Nasser or Habash?, As'ad AbuKhalil
US Ambassador in Israel:  "And my profound respect for the State of Israel and its remarkable achievements stems from a lifetime of exposure to the extraordinary people who brought Theodore Herzl’s Zionist dream to life...But it’s not just Jewish Americans who care deeply about Israel, of course.  It’s Americans across the board.  That is why President Truman is roundly praised for making the United States the first nation to recognize the Jewish State 11 minutes after the proclamation.   And it’s also why when Soviet Premier Kosygin asked President Johnson why the United States supports Israel, when there are 80 million Arabs and only three million Israelis, President Johnson replied simply: "Because it is right."  Americans look at Israel and see a country much like their own, which struggled to survive from its very founding, and not only succeeded against all odds, but thrived.   America and Israel are unique in the world, in that our founding fathers and mothers made a conscious decision to leave their place of birth in search of a better future, in the case of Israel, to rebuild the ancient homeland of their ancestors." 

Steven Salaita, Israel’s Dead Soul. Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2011. Jadaliyya: What made you write this book? Steven Salaita: I'd been wanting for a long time to systematically explore the idea of Israel's soul being in some sort of crisis. The decline of Israel's soul is a notion much ridiculed by those opposed to Zionism, and I thought it would be fun and illuminating to articulate why such ridicule exists—and why it is completely justified.

Hadi al-Mahdi: Under the Tombstone of Freedom
On the eve of the ‘Friday of Rage’ last week, another Iraqi intellectual was killed by a silenced gun at his home in central Baghdad. An organizer of the Friday event, Hadi al-Mahdi fell to the same savagery that took Kamil Shiya three years before. The notorious cycle of violence, produced by a rotting political structure in a wounded Iraq, has left the country torn apart and ruled by mini-tyrants and collaborators backed by over-provoked groups, sectarian gangs, and mafias. These players have skillfully presided over the game of violence, corruption, repression, and ignorance.

Bahrain and Libya expose the two faces of Britain's foreign policy
We bombed Gaddafi, but now we court Bahrain. Is our foreign policy based on ethics, or commerce? The air in Tripoli is heady with optimism. After 42 years of repressive and rapacious rule by Muammar Gaddafi, there is a mood of exhilaration despite the water shortages and power cuts that have plagued the city since the collapse of the dictator's regime.
Why many Syrians still support Assad
The Arab League yesterday called on Syria's Assad to stop his 'killing machine' as the uprising enters its seventh month. But Assad, still backed by key groups, is unlikely to bow to such calls.

KPOO's "Arab Talk" Interview with Jadaliyya Co-Editor on Bagram, Obama's Other Gitmo, and US Detention Policy
This interview was conducted with Jadaliyya Co-EditorLisa Hajjar during the week marking the ten year anniversary of the September 11 attack in the United States. Conducted by Jess Ghannam, of KPOO's "Arab Talk," the interview begins with a survey of the landscape of US detention policy of the last ten years. While some aspects of torture and abuse have changed under the Obama Administration, more has stayed the same, including indefinite detention, denial of habeas, use of military commissions, and the fact that there has not yet been a definitive end to US torture. Following this is a more in depth discussion of  Bagram and detention operations in Afghanistan. The interview ends with a sociological reflection on why the US public has failed to demand legal accountability for those responsible for torture and other crimes of state in the context of the war on terror.

Statesman, As'ad AbuKhalil
Do you notice that all US puppets are referred to by US media and government officials as "statesmen"?  King Husayn (or Khoooseeen, as Shimon Peres pronounces it)? Statesman.  Fu'ad Sanyurah? Statesman.  Hamid Karzai?  Statesman.  Iyad `Allawi?  Statesman.  Usamah bin Laden in the 1980s?  Statesman.  Illiterate Saudi King? Statesman.  Mustafa Abd-un-NATO? Stateman.  It is a trend.  You serve the US obediently, and you watch your status shoot up from thug or nobody to "statesman".
For further information contact Shadi Fadda

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