Today in Palestine! ~ Headlines ~

Soldiers attack a peaceful procession against the Wall in Bil'in
The Media Office of the International Solidarity movement reported that Israeli soldiers invaded Bil'in village, west of Ramallah, and distributed leaflets in front of the village's mosque warning the residents that all protests against the Separation Wall are considered “illegal”.

I00 Palestinian Houses Destroyed in Jerusalem in 2005
The Arab Studies Society said in a press release that the destruction of Palestinian houses, seizure of the Palestinian land and the Apartheid Wall in Jerusalem, are part of Judaizing the city. It added that Israeli authorities intentionally reduces the population of the Palestinians and increase the number of Jews in Jerusalem.

A View from Jerusalem: Challenges for Palestinian Health Care
“One of the major issues we are facing on the ground with this whole restriction of access is that the civil society is being punished indiscriminately,” Nasser said. “We live the reality of segregation and annexation wall.” If a Palestinian needs to travel for medical care, then she has her doctor issue a medical report. When she applies for an Israeli permit to access medical treatment she presents the report.

West Bank conflict brews after Gaza
Among the dry, yellow hilltops east of Jerusalem, a new Israeli regional police station will soon be built, the first construction on a swath of land that the Israeli government has long wanted to cover with Jewish settlements to solidify its grip on the heart of the West Bank. The project is also one small part of Israel's plan to strengthen control of the eastern flank of Jerusalem and the large (ILLEGAL) settlement blocs

Fighter killed near Nablus
An Israeli military source claimed that soldiers identified three fighters near the village, and engaged in a gun battle with them, killing one. Also, soldiers fired at a medical team who arrived at the scene in order to evacuate the body of Abu Za’rur.

Child injured, arrested in Surif village, near Hebron
A local source in Hebron reported that soldiers arrested Wa’ad Arafat Al Hadmi, 13, after firing at him, and took him to Kfar Atzion detention facility, north of Hebron. The mother of Al Hadmi said that soldiers fired at her son while he was standing near Surif – Al Jab’a junction, north of the village.

Soldiers arrest shepherds east of Tubas
Israeli soldiers arrested on Sunday at noon, several shepherds in Wadi Al Malih area, east of the West Bank city of Tubas. The shepherds wee herding their cattle at a mountain near Wadi Al Malih area.

Army seals off Marda village
Soldiers istalled one checkpoint at the intrance of the village and sealed it off, barring the residents form entering or leaving the village, local sources reported.

Israel: No hasty decisions on prisoners, IDF pullback ahead of summit
Sources in Jerusalem believe that Israel has an interest in holding the summit, as it wishes to push ahead the negotiation process, but has no intention of agreeing to last-minute demands regarding the release of Palestinian prisoners and the redeployment of its troops from West Bank cities. ( We prefer talks-only, for media to cover, to action! )

No progress in latest Israel, PA meeting
The meeting between Weisglass and Erekat was "positive and practical," but disagreements between both sides were not resolved, Palestinian sources reported following the meeting. "At this particular moment, the summit between Sharon and Abu Mazen (Abbas) will probably not be held on Tuesday," one source told Ynet.,7340,L-3153031,00.html

Sharon: Meeting with Abbas uncertain
“The Palestinians are not interested in a summit for the sake of public relations; we are interested in holding a summit during which we will get answers and make progress on issues related to the prisoners, wanted Palestinians, withdrawals from (West Bank) towns and all the agreements reached at the Sharm el-Sheikh summit,” he said.,7340,L-3152913,00.html

Abbas to attend Israeli conference marking 10 years since Rabin murder
Abbas aide Diana Buttu confirmed Abbas would attend the two-day event scheduled to open on November 15 at the Netanya Academic College. Organisers said Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia had also accepted an invitation to participate.

The beautiful life without Arafat
Next month marks one year since the death of Yasser Arafat, and the masses will not fill the squares in Ramallah in memorial assemblies; Bill Clinton and other world leaders will not come to inaugurate a center in his name. However, the anniversary of his death serves as an opportunity to raise questions about Israel's behavior before and after his death.

Sharon to decide today who conducts Rafah crossing talks - Peres or Mofaz
They agreed to the Egyptian and World Bank proposal that Palestinian custom officials operate the crossing and inspect those going from Sinai into the Gaza Strip, under supervision of international observers. Israel will monitor the goings on with cameras and other surveillance equipment.

Israel Reopens Karni Crossing
Israel has reopened the Karni crossing for merchandise transportation in and out of the Gaza Strip. However, a spokesman for the Israeli army said on Sunday that Palestinian civilians are still unable to access the Karni point, the main terminal between Gaza and Israel, while the closure on the West Bank remains in place.

Welch to arrive in the area Monday, Abbas-Sharon summit might be delayed
Palestinian sources reported on Saturday that David Welch, assistant of the US secretary of state, will arrive in the region on Monday to meet with the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazin), and the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

Palestinians launch new housing project where Gush Katif's Morag once stood
Work is due to start today on the Sheikh Khalifa neighborhood, named after Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, president of the United Arab Emirates, which is bankrolling the $100 million, two-year project. It is located at the site of the bulldozed Morag settlement, in the south of the coastal strip.

Israel offers Pakistan aid after Kashmir quake that killed thousands
Allowing Israelis into Pakistan to assist in the rescue efforts would be the latest sign that relations between the two countries are warming. Israel and Pakistan - the second-largest Muslim country - have no official relations, but the two countries' foreign ministers met last month for the first time.

IDF to suspend round-up operations in the West Bank
Senior military sources said that since it was no longer allowed to send Palestinian civilians ahead of soldiers into houses where wanted people had barricaded themselves, these operations should be suspended to avoid unnecessary risk to soldiers' lives. The operations will be suspended until new procedures are formulated.

Hurricane Gaza
Both conceptions are inadequate. The fourth Hague Convention (1907) establishes that occupation is over only when the occupying power stops controlling air, sea and land. Israel is far from doing that. According to the Disengagement Plan, it will continue to cruise Gaza's airspace and territorial waters. It demands that the Rafah Crossing...

Jerusalem ruins point to biblical palace
The most prominent of these is Israel Finkelstein, chairman of Tel Aviv University's archeology department, whose 2001 book, "The Bible Unearthed," written together with Neal Asher Silberman, became an international best seller. If David and Solomon existed at all, he concluded, they were no more than “hill-country chieftains,” and Jerusalem, as he told The New York Times, was “no more than a poor village at the time.”,7340,L-3152858,00.html

IDF: Hamas uninterested in truce
Terror organizations are constantly trying to plan attacks, including kidnappings. Their aim is to hamper any move for normalization with Israel and therefore they want children in Gaza to starve and fight, which will strengthen them. In this sense they want to carry out attacks,” Farkash said.,7340,L-3152836,00.html

Yet Another "Generous Offer" from Sharon; Setting Up Abbas
With unlimited resources at his disposal, Sharon set out to establish irreversible "facts on the ground" that would preempt any process of negotiations. Supported by both Likud and Labor governments, he oversaw the establishment of some 200 settlements (almost 400 if you include the "outposts") on land expropriated from Palestinians in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza.

A toy called Assad
This inflation of the Syrian doll has been so successful that today, without a doubt, if there is someone to blame for the failure of the war against terror in Iraq, it is Assad. If there is someone who threatens the peace of the region, it is Assad. And if there is a leader whose deposal would make all of the U.S.'s problems in the region vanish - lo and behold - it is Assad.

'Have a nice day' TV campaign aims to stop anti-Arab prejudice
Israeli television viewers are likely to be taken by surprise in the coming days when, during a commercial break, they are confronted with an Arabic phrase in bold black letters flashing across the screen against a red ornamental background. "Are you already against it without even knowing what it says? All we wanted to say is have a nice day," reads the Hebrew phrase that follows.

Welch: Syria not heeding calls to keep out of Mideast affairs
A top U.S. diplomat said on Sunday Washington was worried about Syrian interference in Iraq, Lebanon and the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, and said Damascus did not seem to be heeding U.S. calls to keep out.

Egypt bans export of Sukkot `lulav' branches
Hundreds of thousands of Israelis will not be able to observe the traditional Sukkot ceremonies unless immediate steps are taken to bring a supply of "lulav" branches from Egypt. The reason for the problem is a the Egyptian Agricultural Ministry's decision to forbid the cutting of palm fronds from date trees at el-Arish in the Sinai in order to protect them from damage.

US ‘seeks new Syrian leader' as pressure mounts
Washington has consulted its allies in an inter-agency search co-ordinated by Stephen Hadley, the president's national security adviser. The US is also said to be considering military strikes on the Syrian border in response to its alleged support for Iraqi insur-gents.

Sunni Arabs: Say no to Iraq charter
"We reject the constitution because it doesn't bring about equality among Iraqis," Shaikh Zakaria Tamimi said. Tamimi rejected a call made last month by al-Qaida frontman in Iraq Abu Musab al-Zarqawi for all-out war against the country's Shia population. "Zarqawi has no religious authority, and the Salafists feel that you can't spill the blood of Muslims," he said.

Ninety rebels killed in western Iraq sweeps
"The total from the operations is 90 killed while the number of arrests has reached 178," Kubba told journalists, adding that the offensives had "perturbed armed groups' activity and (helped) obtain information that will help us track down their members". ( ZERO CIVILIANS? )
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